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The Bitch Is Back

June 27th, 2009 (03:09 am)

Mood Of The Moment:: aggravated

Yeah so I haven't posted in a while because nothing of interest/annoyance had happened. I don't believe I wrote about my date from Hell in March. Well, not really from hell, he was actually sweet and I felt bad the whole night when he was talking about a "connection" between us, I was like WTF? in my head. He was sweet, but just way too pushy for a first date but first dates can be hard to really be yourself. Then a few days later he asks me if I'd go to a sporting event with him... in June. This was after Date 1, still in the month of March. Naturally I was like "no I will not commit to going now because who knows if we'll be speaking to each other then? If we're still seeing each other in say May, ask me then" and as the convo went on I basically called him obsessive, he got offended, that was the end of that.

Cut to the last few weeks with Snob Guy. When I met him he didn't seem snobby, we had very nice chats about things we have in common. Then suddenly he starts bringing up Golf/Tennis being the only "classy" sports, stories of "the country club" and growing up in an up-scale part of Long Island and how he's living in the area he's living in now (aka the pretty much the area in which I live, one town over in Nassau instead of -gasp- Queens where I am.) "until he can afford better on his own." I considered excommunicating him then on grounds of being a giant Snob. But after thinking it over, I was harsh on March guy and didn't give him a second chance after the whole June fiasco. So I figured, he can be funny and things like that haven't come up in the past, let's see if maybe he was trying overly hard to impress me. This is exactly why I'm fast to write people off. Tonight, after informing him I couldn't meet him at the location he wanted to meet at, so either we would have to pick a place where I could walk too, and considering it was hailing 30mins before, I was still nervous about walking at all, or he could pick me up and we can go where ever. The answer I received by TEXT was:

"I think you're cool. But considering where you come from you should be bending over backwards to go out with me. Oh yeah and try buying a car."

I shit you not. I don't have the text anymore because I didn't even wanna look at it in my phone, but I'm fairly sure I still have it word for word.

This is why I shall continue to judge people the way I have been. Otherwise I waste my time and get endings like that bullshit.

Why can't I meet a guy that doesn't want to plan our life on the first date, and also isn't a Tool that belongs on The Hills.

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April 5th, 2009 (07:19 pm)

Mood Of The Moment:: drained

Well, my previous post of possibly not living through Friday night wasn't that far off. It's safe to say I entered the age with a bang. And I say bang, cause I have the bruises to back up the extend of my tard-ness that night. Cut to Saturday when I didn't get out of bed til' 3pm. I only did that cause my parents made me a non-refundable massage appointment as my bday gift. So I put on comfy pants and a terry cloth sweatjacket, no makeup, and went. I came home looking like the hell I went out like, to discover a boatload of people in my house for a surprise party Brother had apparently been planning for the past month. Naturally, I ran upstairs and quickly made myself resemble a human. Everyone kept handing me drinks all night but I just couldn't do it and passed them along. So instead I partook in questionable behavior reasonably sober, until about 5/5:30 am (thank god my parents are sound sleepers.) Then I finally went to sleep around 7:30. Today I'm sluggish but not nearly as useless as I was most of yesterday.

But no one is more useless than the person I had to put up with yesterday. There was no way around my brother not inviting this person, everyone knew that, but the presence of said person seriously kept killing my mood. She even had the balls to insult my Brother by calling him "cheap" for getting a sheet cake from the grocery store (which was surprisingly delicious) and not the bakery. You know, cause a cake from the bakery to feed 25ppl is just so reasonably priced and forget the fact that there was Patron, a feast of food going around and just the fact that he thought to do all of this in general; the nerve of him. It's just yet another reason to plot murder.

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It's About Time!!!

April 3rd, 2009 (12:14 am)

Mood Of The Moment:: ecstatic

I've waited a long damn time for this day! One less law to break. Yeah, I'm already excited.

Though if things go as planned I might not make it past this date.

JK. I still have gifts to collect on this weekend, after all.

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They're On

March 24th, 2009 (01:01 am)

Mood Of The Moment:: accomplished

So, I got the braces on today! The orthodontist kept telling me I have a big mouth that's easy to work with. I was amused by a medical validation of having a big mouth, until Ivana questioned if it was meant as a naughty comment. He's in his 70s so it didn't cross my mind; it has now though. Thanks! ;) It'll take "at least" six months for them to take the effect desired for surgery, so of course in my mind that means they're coming off Sept 23rd and I'll be done with this fiasco by Halloween. Not that I'm obsessive or anything.

In typical me fashion, one broke as soon as I got home. And two more followed on my way back to the office. Apparently, they didn't adhere well, though if it happens again I'll need a different type. Also in me fashion, I opted for hot pink color bands like I was the twelve year old next to me getting hers on though (there was like a factory line up of the orthos putting them on/adjusting for patients.) My mother took one look at me and sighed "I just knew you'd come out with pink." Well, it's good not to change right? Changing can make you a dick, and I don't need to be anymore of a dick than I already am. The following convos also took place:

Orthodontist: There will be some things you can't eat now.
Me: Can I still eat cake?
Ortho: Yes. Actually, it's soft, I recommend it for now sweets-wise.
Me: That's really all I need. I'll be fine.

Orthodontist: You really can't have popcorn with the braces.
Me: That's fine. I can't eat it anyway.
Ortho: You're allergic?
Me: No, because of my diverticulitis and colon surgery.
Ortho: What haven't you had?
Me: *shrugs*

My brother, A-Hole that he is, got a free room deal from the Mandalay Bay in Vegas for the month of March. Any good brother would've waited to see if he was sent anything in April. So he's there now with the merry-band-of-a-holes, their free room wasn't able to be held for them, so they got an upgrade to a suite. He and Neighborboy had to tell me this at 4am NY time.

The more I look at the necklace I got for Neighborgirl's birthday, the more I want to keep it for myself. If I wasn't too lazy to find her something else, I would. It would look better on me anyway...

Though it looks like I'll be spending my B-Day with Brother and his second in line BFF and Ivana. I asked him if he had any interest in coming where ever I decide on going, and in turn offered to drive into the city (so maybe he's not such an a-hole) the on the grounds he can bring him, and at this point Ivana's the only girlfriend that a) won't give me a week of "I'm not sure if I'll go" and b) hasn't recently pissed me off, that will be of-age to come. Well there are other people I guess I could invite, but I always feel like inviting people out when it's your B-Day seems like your fishing for gifts unless its someone you always exchange with, you know? I hear the club is fun (supposedly it's brothers-place-of-choice) but its heavy on my not-a-pastime of dancing. But why not do something different? Plus, free offer to be driven to the city. And besides, I'm sure the combination of legal alcohol and watching my brother dance will be top-notch entertainment.

I did attempt to something nice for the boy. He keeps complaining about work, so when I was in the store last week I bought him his favorite snack, which he keeps telling me I should try and make whenever I bake; Twinkies. I gave it to him all proud of myself. Then he reminded me, because he's a much better person and Catholic than I am, that he gave up something for lent, and it was snack foods/sweets. Every Effing Time I try and do something nice for someone other than me it backfires. He's allowing himself to have cake on my bday though, so I suggested he eat the Twinkies then and he liked the idea. Well, I saw my father pack them in his lunch bag last night :=/

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March 18th, 2009 (02:54 pm)

Mood Of The Moment:: excited

Wellll its about damn time! I'm getting step 1 to surgery, aka, my braces, this Monday! Yay!!!

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It Never Ends

March 16th, 2009 (11:49 pm)

Mood Of The Moment:: aggravated

Dammit. I'm done with the human race.

OK, what is wrong with some people? Why is it when you try and do something nice for someone, instead of just being nice they're.... weird. I'm sure 1-2 people who might read this can guess exactly who I'm talking about. When I asked said person if they liked cannoli's so I could share my story of love, they're reply was "Don't send me anything for my birthday, really don't. And we'll have lunch when the crazyness of school dies down ok??" Now I had suggested we got out this weekend or sometime soon, not in that convo though. That wasn't even on my mind. Who has that kind of fucking response to things? Maybe if this person didn't habitually always have a reason to stay in her house, it wouldn't bother me so much. I think assuming someone is going to be sending you something just cause I asked a question (probably already ordered since said b-day is in less than 48hrs) is a little self-centered and why would you yell at them not too? I mean, sure, my Aunt yells at me every year not to get her anything, because that's what they're suppose to do. Not your supposed "BFF". Sure you say the "oh you shouldn't have" line after, but really? Well, fine. Good thing I didn't get a gift yet, or I'd be making a return trip... because... I'm feeling bitter. I'm like really fucking bothered by this. I try and fucking do something nice. I wanted her to have a nice 21st, and I wanted to make it nice for her; I'd been planning different versions in my head this past weekend. I'm done though. If she ever brings up lunch (which she probably won't... and does the "crazyness" die down at spring break, or at the end of the semester??) I will probably go because I'm not looking to start I fight I know I can't win. But I'm not bringing it up. If I'm over-reacting, let me know. I might ignore it, but let me know anyway.

I'm nearly on a level of angry as when this happened:  gigi3.livejournal.com/79006.html  (why it's not letting me re-name the link I don't know.) Which, I am still angry about and am factoring into my mood right now because my Brother asked me today if I had B-Day plans yet. I don't. I have some ideas, but really, at the rate "friends", not too mention my family, have been making me angry I almost feel like sitting in my room with a few bottles of Chambord (gotta keep it classy) and making a homemade dartboard to play with, as Bambi plays constantly.

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Luck Run-ith Out

March 16th, 2009 (06:06 pm)

Mood Of The Moment:: aggravated

I knew this day would come. I didn't think it would come 18months later. I'm a fool.

My worst fear has happened.

My sleeping pill has stopped working. Its been a week since I slept more than 2hrs. I had hoped that it was the anti-biotic, but my sleep doctor who actually took time out of his day to call me even though he wasn't in the office and I spoke to his PA, told me it can't cause an interaction. If it keeps up the rest of the week he's going to see me. It took about 6yrs to discover this damn thing worked. Its even worse now because in the old days it was the norm for me, but now I've been spoiled and I know what I'm missing out on.

The only things keeping me from going out the window with a curtain around my neck are a)I discovered a cannoli donut at my favorite bakery, and b) I already knocked down the curtain rod in my room and only have blinds.

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March 13th, 2009 (12:01 am)

Mood Of The Moment:: blah

First off, on a Pants update, I slept in them and have lived to LJ about it!

As soon as the insurance approves the braces they're finally gonna be put on! It'll take 4-10 business days for the approval to go through. YAY! That was a bright spot in my week as I've turned into a shut-in now that I'm on my 3rd antibiotic for a sinus infection from hell. And the meds are counter-acting the Ativan, so I went 48hrs without sleeping Sunday-Tues and have gotten about 5hrs since then and now. I'm assuming this is what it's like to be kicked and spit on when you're down.

And to add insult to injury, after a month long battle with Sirius Internet Radio and the non-English speaking costumer service number, I was able to cancel my subscription since it didn't work and they were useless as to why. It was set to expire Wed the 11th. Friday the 6th... it randomly started working again! Now I don't know if I should bother re-subscribing or not. I do like having it in my room to listen too, but I really can't stand the fucktards that run the thing so I encounter another problem.

Well, I returned to ER viewing tonight to see all the returns. Doug/Carol! I absolutely loved it! Especially the Benton/Carter parts. This is how you end a show that has so much history.

However, and this is going to cause a TV rant, it's left me frustrated with its medical-show replacement in my life the past few years; Nip/Tuck. NT finale spoilers if you haven't seen it yet involved in said rant.
Read Rant Here If You CareCollapse )

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March 4th, 2009 (06:11 pm)

Mood Of The Moment:: confused

Since I'm in class, this is the perfect time to ponder the latest mystery of life. The pants I'm wearing, comfy, strechy waist-band, pink-plaid-ish, came with a tag that said "Not intended for sleep wear. Do not use for sleep wear." Huh?? I don't get it. What will happen to me if I were to nod off in these? Will they come alive and slit my throat? Make my legs disappear? Could that be why they were onsale? They do feel like PJ pants and the material isn't odd. What have I gotten myself into?

And what did I ever do to survive a class before internet phones/texting?

ETA: why are my profs 3 TEENAGE kids randomly here?

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Insane Ramblings From An Insane Mind

February 28th, 2009 (06:21 pm)

Mood Of The Moment:: annoyed

Ok so I had intended to start this off with a bit of good news, but instead I'll start like I usually do: with something that's pissed me off.

I had assumed I was passed the point in which even though I'm short, I wouldn't be viewed as 12yr old by the outside world. I was wrong.

I decided to check out a new Victoria's Secret store for the first time. It was actually bigger and nicer than I expected. But, the two sales ladies in the front were walking around asking, harassing in one case, everyone if they needed help. Except me. One even kept walking right passed me. I was like WTF? It wasn't until I went to the back by the dressing room did that girl asked if I found everything/needed help. Then she took me around to try and find the one thing I couldn't find (turned out they didn't carry it in my size... of course.) Then when I was online the cashier was offering to everyone $5 flip flops with any "Pink" purchase. I was buying something "Pink"... and didn't get the offer. Not that I would've bought them as they're most likely too big for my feet, but that's not the point. Then I went to the over-priced rip off know as Express. I got the same treatment there also. In fact the only person who ever is ever helpful to me there is the one guy and the girls are all useless bitches like the VS ladies. Short people, are people too!

I was sick most of this week. Sinus Infection and a random case of Pink Eye. I didn't go to class on Tuesday and when I went back on Thursday the Prof wasn't there. She left assignments for us on Blackboard (posted like an hr before class started, so everyone would already be on their way) I guess she expected us to stay in the classroom and do it. The fuck? No. If the person that's paid to be there can't be bothered to show up why should we stay there? Naturally everyone left The assignment can also be done with the disk that came w/ the textbook.... but for some reason its not working on my comp! Terrific.

Now for the good news. I got surgery approval!!! I still need the orthodontist to tell the surgeon which teeth to pull before I get the braces on, but things are moving ahead! Though there is a stipulation that during the surgery and until the swelling goes down... that they're most likely going to put a Trach in, since I won't be able to use my breathing machine at night right away. I don't think my parents are too pleased, I can tell because my father has been freakishly nice to me. I really don't care though, I don't know if that normal, but why should I start normal now? I've also decided depending on the results, I might chop off my hair. I've always kept it long because of my giant head, but if its smaller, perhaps I can do shorter hair with the head-to-hair-ratio being changed. I explained the head-to-hair-ratio theory to my mother yesterday and she left the room. Why am I the only one smart enough to consider these things?

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